Welke kleur gellak past het beste?

Which color gel polish fits best?

Match your gel polish to your skin tone

A color Pink Gellac can look different on everyone. Just like with clothing, it is also important which color of gel polish you wear. Pay particular attention to the color and undertone of your skin, hair and eyes. This is how you ultimately achieve the best gel polish result. Whether you are looking for nail polish for pale or dark skin.

For a light skin and eye color
Pastel and powder shades look great on blondes with light skin and eye color. But gray and silver nail polish colors also work well here. For pastel shades you should think of the 322 Sparkle Peach, 284 Spring Green, 242 Pastel Purple, and 238 Peachy Nude.

For the powder shades of Pink Gellac, we also have a diverse collection with many different shades that match your skin tone perfectly. Think of the 320 Powder Pink, 305 Pearly Nude, 253 Milky Taupe, 251 Nude Pink and 195 Bronzed Nude. The nice thing about the powder colors is that you can wear them all year round. These colors never go out of fashion!

Silver and gray tones also look great on light skin tones. These colors look great if you have a festive occasion. For those who prefer a shade of gray, I recommend the colors 278 Moody Mauve, 264 Lady Gray, 169 Smoked Gray and 140 Asphalt Gray. For those who like something shiny, there are also real glamor colors such as 231 Strictly Silver, 204 Diamond Silver and 129 Fabulous Silver.

For light skin and hair color with dark eyes
Women with dark eyes and blonde hair often have a somewhat yellowish undertone than the 'natural blonde'. These women can have a lot of colors. Brown shades in particular look good. Colors like 318 Savanna Beige, 283 Rosy Brown, 259 Hazelnut Brown and 257 Burnt Taupe also fit very well.

Green tones also look great on women with light skin and hair color and dark eyes. A number of colors in particular are extremely popular for this, namely: 323 Gentle Jade, 316 Jungle Green, 303 Mermaid Green and 284 Spring Green.

And last but not least: the gold tones. This festive color is beautiful to wear on special occasions. For beautiful parties you can often wear the following gold shades: 311 Crushed Gold, 236 Gossip Gold and 130 Luxury Gold.

With light skin and eye color and dark hair color
If you have a light skin color in combination with a light eye color and a dark hair color, you want to wear striking colors that really suit you. That is why we have selected a number of suitable and bright colors: 327 Mandarin Orange, 314 Lion Yellow and 310 Tempting Teal.

The dark colors of Pink Gellac also look good with your light skin tone and dark hair. Some favorite dark colors that should not be missing in your nail polish stash: 328 Iris Purple, 308 Dramatic Red and 280 Desert Lila are our personal favorites.

Light skin and eye color with red hair
Redheads are enviably beautiful! With the red undertone in your skin and hair, it is better to stay away from colors with a red tint. Wearing shades of red will make you look pale and spotty. I recommend that you wear nude shades and dark colors.

There are a series of collections for the nude colors, namely the Uncovered. These collections are beautiful innovative nude shades that look good on everyone. The colors that suit you best are: 297 Lavender Gray, 276 Powdered Mauve, 255 Frosted Nude and 251 Nude Pink.

Nude nails

Tan skin and dark eyes
You are blessed with beautiful olive skin, dark eyes and hair. Almost all colors look fantastic on you. Earth tones such as emerald green bring out the best in you. But you can also have bright colors and white. There is a very nice variant for the emerald green color, namely 232 Chemistry Green.

Bright colors also look great on you. In addition to nude and glitter colors, there are also the happiest bright colors that look great in combination with an olive skin. The colors 325 Taffy Pink, 312 Fabulous Fuchsia and 301 Azure Blue are beautiful colors that will suit you well.

Dark skin, hair color and eyes
Bright colors look good with dark skin and deep brown eyes. And the brighter and brighter, the better! You can accentuate this exotic shade with the happiest colors. Pale colors and grayish tones should be avoided with dark skin.

We have plenty of bright and clear colors in our collection. The colors that will look great on you? 326 Chaotic Pink, 293 Dancing Green, 291 Techno Pink, 244 Hawaii Orange and 210 Tangerine Red!

Now that you know which colors look good with your skin tone, it will be easier for you to choose from our extensive collection with all kinds of different colors. Which color is your favorite?

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