What does a peeling do?

A chemical peel encourages your skin to renew faster and produce new collagen and elastin. This encourages all skin layers to regenerate, resulting in better skin health, more beautiful skin structure and fewer wrinkles. In combination with the right skincare, your skin will regain the correct PH value.

A skin barrier should have a PH value of 4.5 to 5.5. If this is not correct or fluctuates too much, various skin problems arise such as acne, sensitive skin or even rosacea.

After the intake

After the intake in the beauty salon in which we discussed your goals and I looked at your skin, you start at home with 10 to 14 days of activating your skin. The PH value of your skin is temporarily lowered to 4.5 to make the peeling work better, a light exfoliation of your skin will already start and the risk of pigment problems is reduced. After these two weeks you will already notice some improvement.

The first peeling is always a mild peeling. This is to allow the skin to get used to it and to see how your skin reacts to the chemical peel. During the treatment in my salon in Lelystad, I look very closely at your skin and I can possibly build up some strength. This depends entirely on the reaction and is only determined by me as a beautician.

Why choose a chemical peel from Ekseption?

  • Treat 365 days a year

    All peels (with the exception of the Retinol peeling) are not photossensitive (UV-sensitive) for the skin. This means that, if combined with the right skincare, the treatment can be given all year round.

  • PHAs

    Ekseption peels contain PHA acids. This causes much less irritation, is more comfortable during application and guarantees better results compared to using only AHA or BHA acids.

  • Organic acids

    Ekseption peels are made from organic acids from nature. Think of orange peels, papaya and sugar cane. This means there is no protest reaction from the skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid and peptides combined in one peeling

    This provides more control over what the peeling does in the skin so that your skin is not damaged. It also immediately provides intensive hydration.

    The peptides penetrate deeper into the skin so that they can reduce skin problems such as skin aging and pigment.

  • Alcohol-free and no artificial preservatives

    All peels are alcohol-free. This ensures maximum skin comfort when applying the peeling. The peeling can penetrate deeper and more gradually into the skin through slower drying so that the active ingredients can do their work better.

  • Skin Resurfacing

    “Peeling” literally means removing the top layer of skin. You get this effect through extreme peeling after excessive peeling. With Ekseption we provide new skin from within. We call this skin resurfacing or renewing the surface. No annoying downtime (peeling) and improve the skin from within!

Suitable for almost all skin problems

Acne or blemishes

Pigment spots

Couperose or Rosacea

Coarse pores

Sun damaged skin

Dull skin

Dry skin

Sagging skin


Poor skin condition

Sensitive skin

Maximum results with minimal side effects

Ekseption's innovative peels are really different from other brands. The aim of the treatments and products is to achieve maximum results without side effects! Instead of damaging your skin with overly strong, old-fashioned TCA peels, we will actually restore your skin. This means that after a peeling you do not have to sit at home for a week because your face is peeling so much. That you don't have to leave my beauty salon in Lelystad in shame with a bright red face and that you work on your skin without unnecessary damage!

Ekeption peeling treatments

Relaxing facial or peeling?

While facials and peels both contribute to healthier skin, it's important to recognize that they serve different purposes.

Facials are mainly aimed at relaxation and recovery of the skin in the short term, while peels focus on long-term skin improvement through in-depth exfoliation and stimulation of collagen production.

If your goal is to see significant improvements in skin texture in the long term, opting for regular peels is a wise choice.