Beauty forums already talk a lot about it: tailor-made cosmeceuticals for every skin need that show quick results. While regular creams often allow you to focus on one skin problem at a time, the new MIXLAB concept allows you to tailor 10 serums individually or mixed to your skin type. The perfect mix is ​​determined based on your skin needs and/or the advice of a skin specialist.

Advantages of MIXLAB:

  • Customization: Tailor serums to your specific skin needs, such as pigment spots, hydration and wrinkles.
  • Working on multiple skin problems at the same time: No need to choose; my serums tackle multiple problems at once.
  • Convenience: No more hassle with multiple layers; one serum combines everything you need.
  • Luxury: High-quality ingredients in a reusable UV-resistant 70ml bottle.
  • Specially for your skin needs: Each mix is ​​uniquely formulated based on your skin analysis.
  • Multiple ingredients reinforce each other: Provides a more powerful and effective treatment.
  • Result: Your dream skin!

The serums:

  • Hyaluron Vitamin B5: Softens & hydrates
  • Hyaluron Peptides: Firming & fine lines
  • Hyaluron Zn PCA: Acne & sensitive skin
  • Hyaluron Niacinamide: Rosacea, lines, anti-aging & hydration
  • Hyaluron Vitamin C: Repair & sun damage
  • Hyaluron TRX: Pigment spots
  • Hyaluron PHA: Smooth skin structure & skin renewal
  • Hyaluron Flavonoide: Rosacea, couperose, vessels & dark circles
  • Squalane Vitamin F: Seborrheic eczema, psoriasis, vessels & skin damage
  • Squalane Retinol: Softness, cell renewal & smooth skin

Experience the luxury of customized skin care today!

Step 1: Book an appointment with me in the salon.

Step 2: Have your skin analyzed and receive personal serum advice.

Step 3: Take home your customized serum in a reusable bottle.

Ready for radiant skin?

Visit me now and discover how MIXLAB can transform your skincare routine. Make an appointment via www.puurbybabs.nl or call me on 06-83662009 .

Together we strive for the perfect skin care that meets all your needs.