How do I tackle pigment spots?

If those pigment spots become a bit prominent, this unfortunately means that there is already some damage in your skin. And yes, that damage is a bit like a tattoo – once there, it's there. But don't panic, you can take control yourself to limit the damage as much as possible.

Throw some Urban D Pollution from Ekseption with SPF 30 (or go for SPF 50, like the All-day Shield) into the mix. And here's the trick: apply every 2 hours to keep that protection at its best. Bonus points if you make it a habit!

Just ignore that sunbed for a moment. Those things mainly use UVA radiation, and almost no UVB. What does that mean? Well, UVA is like the bad guy that makes your skin age faster, and voila, hello wrinkles and pigment spots.

And for some extra spice against pigment spots, throw a good serum under your sunscreen. Think vitamin C serum, Spotless Ultraserum, Hyaluronic TRX, or throw in a Retinoil Booster from Ekseption. Summer, here we come – without those stubborn pigment problems! 🌞✨