• Dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes with RefectoCil is the way to make a subtle but impactful difference in your appearance. RefectoCil, a leading brand in eyebrow and eyelash tint, is known for its high-quality formulas and long-lasting color results.

    During the treatment, the selected shade of RefectoCil is carefully applied to both the eyebrows and eyelashes. This dye has been specially developed to provide a long-lasting, natural color that perfectly matches your hair color.

    With RefectoCil you not only achieve a deeper color, but you also define the contours of your eyes and strengthen the expression of your face. The treatment is fast and effective, so you can immediately enjoy a revived look.

    Whether you are going for a subtle enhancement of your natural color or a more pronounced look, RefectoCil offers a range of shades to suit different preferences. The result is often a fresher look and the freedom to simplify your makeup routine, while still enjoying an effortlessly defined look.