De eerste stap naar huidverbetering

The first step towards skin improvement

Skin improvement

The first step towards skin improvement and radiant skin is to cleanse your skin every morning and evening. By keeping your skin clean, you reduce the risk of impurities, inflammation and dull skin. In addition, it ensures that other products can do their work better because they are better absorbed by the skin. It is important to rinse your cleansing product with lukewarm water after massaging so that dirt and makeup are removed. When your water is too warm, it dries out the skin.

Optimal result

Do you want optimal results? Then cleanse every morning and certainly twice in a row in the evening. If you cleanse only once, there is a chance that not all dirt and make-up will be removed from the skin, which means that products that are applied afterwards cannot (fully) work and optimal results cannot be achieved.

Cleaners at a glance

It is essential to cleanse with a product that suits your skin condition. Medik8 has a cleanser for every skin condition and skin problem, including your skin! Do you want to know which cleanser suits your skin? I have listed them for you below:

  • Clarifying Foam:
this is a foam cleanser that contains AHAs and BHAs (acids). These acids ensure that dead skin cells are removed, allowing for deeper cleaning of the pores. It also helps to resolve blockages and reduce inflammation. This cleanser is suitable for oily and/or acne-prone skin.

  • Calmwise Soothing Cleanser:
This is an ultra-mild foam cleanser that provides quick relief from red, irritated skin. This cleanser is fortified with natural green chlorophyll for its healing and antioxidant properties. This cleanser is therefore very suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Surface Radiance Cleanse:
This gel cleanser contains AHAs and BHAs (acids). These acids remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal, softening fine lines. This creates a fresh, clear skin complexion. This cleanser is perfect for delaying skin aging.

  • Pore ​​Cleanse Gel Intense:
This gel cleanser also contains AHAs and BHAs (acids), which refines the skin texture. In addition, this cleanser contains red clover extract, which reduces sebum production, stimulates cell renewal and minimizes pores. A perfect cleanser when you want to reduce pores.

  • Lipid Balance Cleansing Oil:
this is a gentle oil cleanser. It effortlessly removes waterproof make-up. This formula contains many essential lipids, which restore the skin's natural defense barrier. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin types.

  • Gentle Cleanse:
is a foam cleanser that is ultra-gentle on the skin. This cleaner contains natural glycerin, which has a moisture-retaining effect. In addition, it also contains rosemary leaf oil that has a high antioxidant content and therefore reduces premature aging. It is suitable for all skin types.

  • Cream Cleanse:
is a cream cleanser. It has recently changed in terms of formula. It can now also be used to remove eye make-up, because L-mandelic acid has been removed from the formula. Medik8 has added natural shea butter and powerful plant saponins to the new formula. This combination cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and especially for sensitive and dry skin types.

  • Micellar Mousse:
this is an ultra-creamy foam cleanser. It contains nourishing olive oil that refreshes the skin while helping the skin fight harmful external influences.