Advanced skin improvement

Medik8 is committed to producing high-quality skin improvement products with the best ingredients at the right strengths and with a proven track record. The brand has tailor-made lines for specific skin solutions. You may have heard the term "professional" products. This essentially means that the products are sold through professional outlets such as beauty salons, doctor's offices, skincare clinics, medical and premium spas, plus a select number of specialist websites that deal with professional brands. Medik8 is a professional brand. The Medik8 team represents over 40 years of combined experience in skin care research and product formulation.

The values ​​of Medik8:

How do they achieve this?

The right ingredients, professional strength and penetration of ingredients that improve stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Medik8

Medik8. Medicate / Medication, but slightly different. Medik8 has been researched by biochemists, formulated by pharmacologists and developed by skin care experts. Medik8 products are specially made to solve specific skin problems, such as acne, dryness, redness, pigmentation, anti-aging and large pores.

Where does Medik8 come from?

Elliot Isaacs studied physiology at the University of Leeds alongside pharmacology and biochemistry. After traveling the world, Elliot was inspired to create the world-renowned cosmeceutical brand Medik8. He built it from a small laboratory in the back of his father's pharmacy.

Medik8 was born from a passion to strive for better skin health and results. Elliot entered the skin care industry at a time when natural skin care brands were beginning to challenge the traditional skin care market. A product of his time, a scientist who traveled worldwide for 5 years, he also shared the values ​​of fair trade, sustainability and natural ingredients. But his idea, which was unique at the time, was to combine this ethical background with his experience in biochemistry to create results-oriented products with proven science. His mission is to demystify anti-aging skin care with his philosophy of 'vitamin C plus sunscreen during the day and vitamin A at night'. According to him, there is no reason to choose between results and experience.

Medik8 strives to create simple routines that result in healthy, 'Beautiful Skin for Life'. Offering progressive strengths within the key ingredient areas of Vitamin C and Vitamin A means customers can continue to build on their results over time. Hopefully for life.

He is a long-time member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and has been named to multiple patents for his contributions to work on retinoids, growth factors, brighteners and novel antioxidants. Elliot has more than 15 years of experience in developing professional skin improvement products. Today he is still heavily involved in product development, particularly the CSA platform, and his strong values ​​still run through everything Medik8 does, resulting in a globally renowned skincare brand that challenges the norm.

What does Medik8 consist of?

We carefully research every ingredient we choose to include in our formulas. This involves studying research that proves that the ingredient has the desired effect and of course checking all regulatory aspects. We review the safety data alongside the general internet response to the ingredient and weigh this against the claims before allowing it into our formulations. This means you only get the best.

Using only skin-safe ingredients, we avoid anything deemed unsafe or unfriendly by the EU. We are also SLS free, free of phthalates and palm oil and try to avoid synthetic fragrance and color where possible.

Is Medik8 vegan?

We understand that a beauty treatment filled with vegan skin care is beneficial for the planet and for your skin. All Medik8 products can be used by vegans and contain no animal ingredients.

Is Medik8 tested on animals?

We never test on animals. And we will never ask another company to test on our behalf.

Unfortunately, many of the most common ingredients used in cosmetics have been tested on animals in the past (never by us). But testing on animals is now banned in the EU and the latest EU cosmetics regulations (2013) prevent the use of ingredients tested on animals after the cut-off date. We are committed to monitoring our compliance very seriously as an integral part of our product development and supplier selection process.

More and more countries are hearing that consumers do not want animal testing. We believe it's only a matter of time before animal testing is banned worldwide, and we can't wait.

Is Medik8 free from parabens?

We are happy to be 100% paraben free.

Preservatives are an essential part of any cosmetic formulation: they prevent our products from deteriorating over time. It is possible to completely remove preservatives from some products (and we have), and also to use cleaner alternatives (which we do). We work hard when we formulate to use low levels of preservatives so that the job is done without unnecessary chemicals. This requires extensive independent testing, but we're happy to do it if it means making cleaner skin care products for our customers.

To be clear, any preservative used in Medik8 products is EU approved and only used strictly in permitted concentrations.


We are very aware that some of our customers have specific allergies that they need to be aware of. Some of our products contain nuts or wheat derivatives and we always recommend checking the ingredients list on the product thoroughly if you have allergies. Ingredient lists can be found on our product pages, as well as our ingredient glossary for more detailed descriptions of some of our key ingredients.

Is Medik8 sustainable?

Nature offers us many gifts that are very effective in skin improvement. But the line between science and nature is not always as black and white as it seems. Many effective and safe ingredients in skin care can be found in nature, for example vitamin A and vitamin C, but extracting the part of an ingredient that works on the skin requires a scientific process. And this process not only ensures greater effectiveness and purity, it also reduces the chance of irritation and reactions. Science is not the enemy.

Sustainability is absolutely essential in the beauty industry – something we want to improve. Using some natural ingredients can often be unsustainable. So to protect the Earth's natural environment, it may be better to use a version of the ingredient formulated in a laboratory, ensuring its safety and efficacy.

At Medik8 we strive for balance. If there is a scientific ingredient that produces more effective results and is backed by clinical data, we will use it, but if there is a natural alternative with the same effects, we always go for the latter. We are compassionate scientists.

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