After working with Medik8 for many years, I am now making the exciting switch to a new brand that promises to deliver even better results: Ekseption . My search for a brand that genuinely does what it promises - improving skin without unnecessary damage - led me to Ekseption.

What makes Ekseption extra special is that it is suitable for every skin type. At a time when many brands claim to offer skin improvement, Ekseption stands out as a true exception. I look forward to welcoming my customers to a new phase of natural and effective skin improvement with Ekseption!

The products

Ekseption products for home use are aimed at preparing the skin for treatment, strengthening the treatment result and protecting the skin. The products prevent the appearance of future skin damage, keep the skin healthier and work preventively against (premature) skin aging.


Skin improvement is a process and Ekseption is fully geared to that. You start activating your skin before the treatment at home. The PH value of your skin is normalized so that your cell renewal can do its maximum work. The preparation also makes your skin more accessible for the treatment, so you can enjoy a better result.

After 10 to 14 days of preparing your skin at home, it is time for your peeling (treatment). Based on your wishes, we have created a treatment plan together and you will know step by step what will happen and what you can expect. Between peelings you are repairing the skin at home and reactivating it with the right products.

Instead of the overly strong TCA peels that can seriously damage the skin, Ekseption has created peels that give at least the same result, but in a safe way. We guarantee a deep and strong result without significant side effects! We only use organic peels.