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  • Customization: Tailor serums to your specific skin needs, such as pigment spots, hydration and wrinkles.
  • Working on multiple skin problems at the same time: No need to choose; our serums tackle multiple problems at once.
  • Convenience: No more hassle with multiple layers; one serum combines everything you need.
  • Luxury: High-quality ingredients in a reusable UV-resistant 70ml bottle.
  • Specially for your skin needs: Each mix is ​​uniquely formulated based on your skin analysis.
  • Multiple ingredients reinforce each other: Provides a more powerful and effective treatment.
  • Result: Your dream skin!

Enter the world of Puur by Babs, the beauty salon in Lelystad where skin improvement is central.

At the Puur by Babs beauty salon I believe in the power of radiant, healthy skin. My passion lies in offering effective solutions for various skin problems, from pigment spots to rosacea and from acne to wrinkles or other skin problems that bother you.

I understand that every skin is unique, which is why I offer tailor-made skin improvement programs tailored to your specific needs. With a combination of the right skincare at home and peeling treatments in the salon, I strive for long-lasting results and skin that is in optimal condition.

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I'll see you soon in the salon, love Babs 🌿

  • 100% natural

  • Cruelty-free

  • Durable

  • Safe for the skin

Relaxing facial or peeling?

While facials and peels both contribute to healthier skin, it's important to recognize that they serve different purposes.

Facials are mainly aimed at relaxation and recovery of the skin in the short term, while peels focus on long-term skin improvement through in-depth exfoliation and stimulation of collagen production.

If your goal is to see significant improvements in skin texture in the long term, opting for regular peels is a wise choice.

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Been to babs for the first time, it immediately felt good! Because I just wanted to get to know each other first, I had my eyebrows waxed and colored, she did this really nicely and gave honest advice. Then a good explanation about the treatments she offers, very professional but also just fun! I will definitely come back for a treatment 😁

Dianne Smeekes

Sweet and knowledgeable woman with a very nice and clean salon.

Annemieke Feijen

1st time and had a (very) good treatment. Babs is professional and gives good advice. All in all, highly recommended if you care about your feet!

Erik Smits

I am very satisfied with the treatment
Babs is so friendly and gives good advice

Els Gravemaker

Went to Babs for the 1st time last week. Appointment was made very easily via her website where the appointment was also neatly confirmed. The previous reviews didn't say too much. Babs is friendly and sociable, but above all very professional. She gives good advice during the treatment. Very satisfied! Follow-up treatments booked immediately. See you soon Babs!