More and more women and men are choosing to dye their eyelashes and eyebrows. Of course you also want to provide your customers with radiant eyelashes and beautiful eyebrows. The products of the Refectocil brand are available in a large number of salons in the Netherlands. The Refectocil brand is incredibly popular in the field of eyelash and eyebrow dye.

There are various ways to give your eyebrows more color and make your face stand out. There are eyebrow powders and eyebrow gels for people who opt for a short-term result, but there are also long-term solutions such as permanent make-up. By permanent make-up we mean tattooing make-up. We are now talking about two extremes, but there is also a nice solution between eyebrow powder and permanent make-up, namely eyebrow paint.

RefectoCil is a brand that markets various types and colors of eyebrow dye. This takes into account the natural match between a person's hair color and eyebrow color.

Are you fed up with your own eyebrow color and are you ready for something different? Then RefectoCil is the right place for you! RefectoCil is a major brand in eyebrow and eyelash care. The eyebrow and eyelash paint is very durable in use and available in 9 beautiful colors. The use of the paint provides a natural look! As described above, RefectoCil has taken into account a correct match between the various hair colors and eyebrows. In the table below you can see which eyebrow dye best suits your hair color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-tan colors after use

Why should the eyebrows not be colored after using a self-tanner?
If the eyebrows are colored after using a self-tanner, a yellow haze may appear

Is RefectoCil animal-free?ed question

Yes! All our products are not tested on animals.

Are RefectoCil products Vegan?

All products, with the exception of these 3 products, are vegan:
– RefectoCil Eyelash Curl (Contains Hydrolyzed Collagen)
– RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream (Contains Lanolin)
– RefectoCil Longlash Balm (Contains Lanolin