Goede oogverzorging, minimale talgproductie en bescherming

Take good care of your eyes

Okay, let's talk about that eye area for a moment. The adventure starts from the age of twenty, yes really! Around the age of thirty, those first lines and laugh lines appear, and as you approach forty, say goodbye to collagen and elastin. Those deeper wrinkles add up and your skin does a bit of the gravity dance, including drooping eyelids.

But don't panic! Ekseption has your back (or rather, your eyes). Good eye care is like a hug for that thin, sensitive skin around your eyes. With soothing and nourishing properties, minimal sebum production is controlled and everything is protected. There are different creams that all have their own superpowers. While one cream focuses on hydration, the other is better at tackling those annoying circles and bags under the eyes. Sometimes it is even recommended to use two creams: one for protection in the morning and one to repair and nourish at night.

But hey, we all have busy lives, right? If a regular visit to the salon is not an option, you can also work at home with a kind of mini spa in front of your eyes. Eye serums and eye masks you can rock at home! This way, the skin around your eyes will improve quickly.

And let's talk about Age-less Cocoon. This is no ordinary night cream, this is a superhero for your skin cells that regenerate overnight. The soft texture does a kind of magical dance with your skin and is absorbed with love.

Oh, and have you met the Ultim Eyes Cream yet? This isn't just a makeup remover, it's like a mini spa for your lashes! It contains peptides and panthenol to encourage those lashes and is just naturally fantastic.

So, if you want your eyes to shine like never before, give them that Ekseption love. Whether you're looking for hydration, battle wrinkles, or just a loving boost for your lashes, Ekseption has the perfect match for your eyes. All you have to do is try it out and your skin will thank you!